Didn't get out for a ride tonight. A bit bummed by that. It was the perfect night too. I was at work till 7:15 pm. Oh well, happy at least that I'll go for a short, easy one tomorrow, and then I have 100+ to rip off on Saturday. Can't wait, Remus will be here. He needs to be punished for all the glorious pics he was sending me from Lake Superior and Paradise, MI last week, while I was sitting, rotting in my work cubicle hating life.

FYI, I'm only going to post workout data for any ride over 40 miles. Anything less won't be worth posting. I'm trying to cut back on my "digital intake" and concentrate on simplifying things. Too much going on, stressed out about things that don't matter in life - just have to dial things back. Just don't have the time. Going to close out my Facebook account Sunday. Good riddance. It is evil and addictive - stealing the souls from humans without them even knowing.

HA HA...sounds like a good premise for a movie.

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