Higgin's Lake Hustle

It was hard to get on the bike today. Very cold out. Trying to shake the effects of a hangover from a long night's worth of drinking the night before.

Not much to say about this ride. It was rather boring for awhile. It seemed to go on and on forever. There was some nice scenery. I ended up riding through a private community with "No Trespassing" signs posted everywhere. But no one seems to live at these places in the winter. Nice summer "cottages" (some worth $1+ million I'm sure). Was riding along when all of a sudden the road just stops. A giant snow embankment was the end of the road. According to the Garmin, there was more pavement for me to ride just a short distance away. So I walked the bike though the snow for nearly .3 miles, following nothing but a singular snowmobile track through the woods. I had no idea where it would lead me. Luckily it came out to the other side of the private community where the plowing and civilization commenced.

I got several "thumbs up" from oncoming traffic. It is fun to be around people that like to be out in the elements and find it fun. Some days its nice to ride by yourself and explore, but this was a day I would have rather had someone to ride with. My cloudy mind didn't have anything to think about, no smarty-revelations going on.

Since this is a boring write-up, here are some pics.

First real hill climb, was a doozy. That's Higgin's way in the background.

Long dirt road. Only tracks seemed to be snowmobiles.

Lonely road.

Ice shantys out on the lake. There were also vehicles parked out there.

Private road. It was awesome back there. Perfect scenery and serene.

End of the road.

Walked this snowtrack for .3 miles - which was a blessing. It got my toes warmed back up nicely.