Rode north on the unpaved portion of the White Pine Trail today on the MTB. Haven't done this yet this year, believe it or not. (It's all I've ridden for the past two years until I got a road bike - not sure how I was able to keep it interesting all this time, because it really sucked.)

It was a boring ride - stats are below. Of course Garmin is messing around with the functionality of their website, so nothing can be embedded or edited right now. So, below are some screen shots instead.
Calories is completely off. You'll see why below.

Couple of things to note:

1) Apparently I died around the 30 minute mark and came back to
life right at the turn around point. (I guess the battery in the HRM is done.)

2) Something is wrong with elevation. It should be an exact mirror of itself,
since I rode the same line out and back. WTF!?

3) Look at how I busted tail at the last 6 or so miles. Pushing into road-bike
speeds on the MTB. On the way back there was a Bissel team rider that I passed
(oncoming). I high-tailed it right then, wanted him to come chase me down, but I
never saw him. He must have turned off. It took me 1:00:16 to ride out.
Had to beat that time on the way back - and I was dragging behind. Finished the second
half at 0:59:30 - 45 seconds quicker. I swear I made up more than 5 minutes I was behind.

This was the only "game" I could come up with in order to keep my attention.

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