Edwards Creek to Shearer Road, Greenville with Matt Longest

Fun ride tonight. Hit some trails in Greenville. Haven't been able to make it over there for a ride yet. Was fun to ride with Matt, he showed me around the trails. Edwards Creek can make you dizzy. It's a ton of technical little jigs and jags around trees, stumps and rocks. Keeps going back against itself. Easy to get turned around in there. Pretty tricky. Too tight for a 'niner I think. It had my whole body in a tensed up mess - my hands were killing just after a few miles of riding. By the end my lower back was burning up.

Fell once, sort of against a tree on a quick uphill, spun out, then couldn't clip out. Man down. Then we rode over to Shearer Road. Shearer is more of a faster MTB trail. I would say more "traditional". More straights, little quicker. It was like a tornado recently went through there though. Lots of fresh down leaves and twigs...chunks of 1-2" dia wood - rollers I will call them. Every object wanted to send you right or left - not straight. We quit early. It was hot and we were getting tired. Good ride, we plan to hit the roads soon, maybe Luton the next chance we get for off-road. Matt is doing Iceman with me, so we have to hit some trails in the coming months. Put Fort Custer on the agenda.

Shearer Rd Trail

Edwards Creek Trail

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