Cannon Cruise

Fast ride tonight. Averaged 18.9 mph. There were 8 men, 1 woman and a co-ed Tandem.

At one point I looked down and I was doing 22mph and the Tandem took over pulling the group. I was already at the back of the group and wasn't paying attention. In a blink they were gone and I couldn't maintain the pace. I had to give up the pursuit. They were gone. Probably a good half-mile ahead of me. They had to be doing 25-26mph. I guess not hard to go that fast when you're drafting on a two-engined bus.

HRM still not working, even though I replaced the battery. Very erratic. I'll have to check a few things, otherwise I might find myself buying a new one. Not sure what is going on.

Saturday, Aug 27 is a MTB/Cross bike Cannon Cruise. 50-60 miles on dirt and only "some" pavement. Sounds fun. This will be the last Cannon Cruise of the year as the cross season starts. I guess road bikes are dumb to ride when this starts. I'll stay away from cross for now, thanks. I've got MILES to put on!! So guess I'll be riding by myself starting in Sept.

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