Random Rides

I have had basically no time to ride and even less time to post to my blog. (is anyone even out there watching/reading?)

It's been almost 8 weeks since I've even been on the road bike. My lowly 4 rides since Night Shift have only been on my mountain bike, and one of those rides was a nice 6.4mph average ride with my daughter on the trails at Luton.

Below is a pictorial blog post.

Marissa on her second year at Luton Park. We rode Blue Loop like she did last year, two times plus Orange loop which was new to her. She went down hills that she wouldn't last year on her smaller bike. Way more confident on her 20" and did good shifting. She fell once and brushed a tree once, and lived to tell about it.

 Afterward we stopped to get hotdogs at Dam Dogs.

Then, as long as you're there for hotdogs you might as well get some ice cream from Custard by the Dam. We had a nice relaxing few Daddy/Daughter hours.

A nice out of focus shot of Heath at Granny's Garden at Fort Custer.

Me ready to conquer Big M. That wouldn't happen though...by 11 am it was close to 90 degrees and I swear 90% humidity. We couldn't get back to the parking lot quick enough.

Bob and Dawn riding through ferns at Big M.

Riders climbing a short hill.

Here comes Cindy.....

...then Brent.

My stripped, soaking, stinking jersey resting on a post while we wait for the others. I was literally dripping wet at this moment.

Sweet Pano I took at Big M. If I could build a house right at this location, I would tomorrow.