Commute #12: December - Mission Complete!

Well, I was lucky that the weather broke for a few days just before Christmas. Two days after Winter Solstice (day with the least amount of light), I made my last trek of the year and the last commute to meet the goal I set last year of doing at least one trip a month to and from work, for each month of 2016.

I was not motivated at all to begin this last journey. Lots of the snow the past few weeks left me to decide where to car-rack my bike to in order to begin the journey. I was tempted to get the most out of it that I could by staging my bike at Russell Road where they end plowing of the trail. That is just shy of 4 miles from my house. However, knowing that I hadn't been doing much of any riding this fall/winter, I didn't really think my legs were going to be up to it. I also was also worried about my exploded back I had in the last month and had to put on the studded tires for this trip as it was still kind of icy even where it was plowed. Those tires have so much rolling resistance, it's like pedaling uphill both ways.

So the trip in to work was "meh". I really couldn't wait for it to be over. All 15 miles of it. (roll your eyes here - gee, Tony, tough). The ride home was much better. There was little to no traffic as many people had Friday off from work due to the holidays. My legs felt much better and the temps were much more mild. Ended this 12 month journey in a pretty good mood.

Happy for it to be over? Maybe. It just gets kind of boring. However, now that I've done that for 12 months, perhaps I should just keep it going for as long as a I can, and make it "my thing". We'll see how January and February goes. If I can make it work through December through February, the weather usually isn't much of an issue the rest of the year.

This concludes my riding for 2016. Hoping the weather is sort of okay (at least) to do the Hair of the Dog ride on New Years Day. That's only one week away, then we're on to 2017!


Commute #12: In Jeopardy

Well, I'm getting nervous. I have 2.5 weeks to complete the mission I set one year ago...commute to and from work at least once a month for every month in 2016. I am 11/12th's complete.

So far December has blessed me with a herniated disc in my lower back (almost back to normal now) and most recently a 24-48 hour stomach virus. I've eaten only bread-like substances since. Also the temps have driven themselves down to the twenty's and there is snow and ice everywhere. The low tonight is going to be 9. That's a "niner". Single digit. Nine. Got that?

I'm going to have to find the optimal 24 hour time period to pull this all off - and if needed, sacrifice my toes and fingers doing so. Wish me luck!