Time off. Game on!

Well, after the Century ride almost two weeks ago with Remus, that next day (Sunday) I blowed up my back. All I did was turn to look at my daughter in the garage as I was cleaning up the bike and got a sharp pain in my side. All seemed okay until I took a nap on the couch just 2 hours after that. Then...I couldn't get up.

For the next 3 days I couldn't stand upright, could barely walk. Saw the doc, she prescribed some meds (actually muscle relaxers - which made me loopy at work), so I only took those at night from then on. Suspected bulged disc, which turns out, happened almost exactly 5 years ago and lasted a VERY long time. (thinking to myself, I don't have time for this right now)

That Thursday the same pain came back, it scared me, except now I was mobile and relatively pain-free - almost instantly. Something must have moved back into place. I bowed out of riding in the Cycling Classic Challenge held downtown in the streets of Grand Rapids that Saturday as a precaution, which was dissapointing, but payed off big time last night:

Rode with Matt Longest and Marty at Luton Park - MTB. I felt awesome, was fast and nothing could stop me....except having to stop and wonder what the H happened to Marty. At one point he was gone for like 7 minutes. Matt and I stood at the side of the trail watching old guys pilot $4,000 rigs as they rode by, wondering if Marty had a flat or wrecked big time - and now how do we find him? All of a sudden I hear "Hey, what H are you guys waiting for!?" There's Marty walking through the woods right at us, taking a shortcut. It was funny. From that point on, Matt and I hammered the gaz.

I was SO hungry for a bike ride. I was only off for 11 days and couldn't take it. It's been a long time since I felt this way, but I was at one with The General, ripping around turns, flowing over bumps, handling all the climbs tip top, dipping into turns with my shoulder brushing trees. On the road ride home, I was standing up, mashing the pedals up hills and down. It was like The General Lee knew I have been casually shopping used 29'ers online, looking for a possible replacment or new build for over the winter. This was his chance to convince me, there is plenty of life in the GL, we were at one last night...two gay dudes doing the mombo in the woods under a beautiful sunset. I love you buddy.

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