Chili Willy.

This would have been a perfect day to have studded tires. Fresh 1/4 to 1/2"snow of snow overnight left lightly traveled side roads glazed up with ice. Had to ride extra gingerly in quite a few spots. This was a fun ride mainly because I had no route set and just started turning down roads I'd never been on before. I will have to do more of that, it was fun. The General is operating in top form now, I think all kinks have been worked out. For the last few miles I got on a main road into town that had been salted. Got more wet than I was hoping and splashed with brown mud/slush a few times, but not too bad. Bike is in the garage thawing out right now. Gotta hang it up and start preparing the garage for a fun day filled with friends & kids, bad food and alcohol.

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  1. When are you going to get those studded tires already? I want to do some rides when I get back there if you have time. Not sure if I'm gonna get a roadie or a MTB yet though.