So, I realized yesterday that all throughout this winter, I've had a very positive attitude towards most things and not lacking energy or drive like I have in past winters. Could it be that "seasonal affective disorder" is a complete farce and just some BS way to say "Mainly Fat Lazy People are Depressed"? I think so. Gee, yeah, lets coddle these people and give them an excuse to not be healthy, because they obviously can't face the fact that they are out of control and are too lazy to do anything about it. Thus ends the preaching from atop a soap box by Tony Maravolo. Thank you.


  1. Tony, I believe that 100%. Don't you feel so much better just making healthier choices in the kitchen? Fact: fat and lazy people have less energy and feel like crap most of the time as they slaughter gallons of sugar filled beverages and fat laden foods daily! Of course docs had to come up with a fancy name for it.

  2. I agree 50%. What about the mystical fat gene? If your mom and dad are orcas, there's a good chance you could be. I feel bad for the chronically and morbidly obese, but for the most part I think people choose to be fat through lifestyle choices. I still love slaughtering sugar and fat though.