Run update.

I successfully made it to 3.5 miles today without taking a break. The hip felt better than usual. Cardio is tip top. Ran it in 36 minutes - just over 10 minute miles. I want to run the 10K in May in less than 60 minutes. So by then I should be up to the right pace and mileage to meet my goal. Ran next to George Costanza today...he smelled like a bowl of a$$holes. Had to turn on the fan to the dreadmill to get some fresh air in my face. Wanted to trow up.

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  1. Indoor running Tony? Don't you want to brave the tundra yet? I don't think I could either. The mileage/kilometer boxes are all manual. It has to be easier though. I'm doing my first bike race this Sunday. 40K. I'm gonna get walked all over by fat dudes. Can't wait.