Man Weekend Ride

What a perfect morning for a ride...except for the wind...except that I was hungover. But boy, was it beautiful out. Along most of the route I was the first tracks in the overnight snow (maybe 1" fresh). It was slippery and I run across some scary ruts along the way. Between the sun being out and getting hit in the face with snow falling out of the limbs of trees, I'm not sure which one helped wake me from my drunken hangover the most. Glad I made myself go for the ride. Felt pretty good, still some adjustments to make on the gears, but no failures this time. Should have gone longer, but once I turned around at the half way point, glad I did, because it was head-on straight into the wind the whole way back - and it was tough. Cold, but worth it. Definitely need those studded tires next year!


  1. Nice job on the ride Tony, I didn't think there was any way you were getting up after how blown out you were Friday night. Impressive.

  2. Somehow I can bounce back like that, but only if its been months since drinking mass quantities. Aside from being confused from the events leading up to that morning, I felt 100% almost 75% of the time.