Run update.

Quick update on my running progress. Most of you may not know, but Remus talked me into running a race this spring. It's a 10K at the Bayshore (Traverse City). I have never done a race before and absolutely hate running. So, if it turns out to be the worst day of my life, I have one Matt Remus to thank. HA HA Just kidding. Anyways, I'm up to running 3 miles now. Almost half way there. My goal would be to be able to run 8 miles, so I can be assured that my 10K day will go w/o a hitch. I don't think I've ever run this far before. For me, it's ridiculous that I'm trying to pull this off. Retard.


  1. No Tony, it's fantastic!! You didn't "hate" running when you were a kid. Right? It's just an excuse adults use because running can be difficult especially if for people with a history of knee problems such as yourself. Believe it or not I use to say I hated running too. Fact of the matter is, I never really given it a chance prior to 2007. I'm not saying you are going to LOVE it, but the fact that you will be able to rip off a decent 10K at the end of May is going to boost your overall mental and physical fitness. Nice job with the training so far.

  2. Don't worry Tony. I blame Remus for my wanting to run a marathon again. Like I suddenly forgot the crippled feeling at the 35K mark, and then being passed by a 70 year old man near the finish back in 2007. You'll be fine though. Just listen to your wife and your body about that rebuilt knee.