Few Rides

Trying to get on the bike every other day or so. Missed out on Thursday, but shooting for every Tuesday, Thursday and a longer ride on the weekends. All MTB so far. Feeling way better than just a few weeks ago already - Luton has become easier (faster) to ride.

Tuesday was Luton by myself. Missed Thursday. Saturday I took the road bike into town to check out all the hillbillies at Red Flannel Festivus. At the car show I stopped at a General Lee clone to check it out. From behind me I hear a hillabillie say "That ain't no real one. The real one ain't got no doorknobs." Okay, jacka$$, they're not doorknobs first off, they're handles and c'mon, you think this would be a real one here in the CS!? Retarded, I can't wait to move away from here.

Then Saturday afternoon went with Marissa to her school's fundraiser Bikeathon. It was on the rail trial closer to the city. She rode 5.4 miles - all without complaint. She's my little superstar, ready to go for longer rides with daddy now. Patti is excited because now she can ride along side her while she starts back into running in the spring. Then later Saturday hit up Luton with Marty.

Today I went for a longer on/off road ride with Matt Longest. VERY hilly - was a good challenge. It was very cold this morning - freeze warning last night and it was 30 degrees out. Got all the winter gear out and shed that pretty quickly as I was starting to moisten up. (Moist...it's a good word. HA)

So, that is 68 miles this week. It's okay - I guess especially for MTB just after work and on the weekends. I'd like to be more near 100 miles a week. I think it's what will be needed for the rest of this month if I'm not going to die at Iceman.

I'm sure that all I need to do is build my stamina and I'll be good for Iceman. I don't think that race is at all about skills, just physical fitness. I'm not the most physically fit man I know, but helluva mo' better than earlier this season. If I could deal with eating salads all day every day, I'd be better off, but I'm a man and I need to eat greezy meat all the time. My goal is 2 hours 30 minutes. A guy at work said his best time is around 2 hours and he's a good rider, so I think 2.5 hours would be just about right. We'll see - hard to judge never having done the race. The key (for me) will be to not start too fast so I don't peter out quickly.


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  1. I think the key to Ice man will be to not have any mechanical failures. You get a puncture or a busted chain and you could add 20-30 minutes to your time. 100 Miles a week is fine. I wish I could do that race. Sounds sweet. I miss hellbillies too. Not enough of them here. "doorknobs,".....hilarious.