Le Tour de Donut - Greenville, MI

This was my second time doing the "tour" so I knew more of what I was getting myself into. Morning started off brisk, but warmed up nicely - full sun. Perfect day for racing.

It is actually a "race" but a fun race. Ride 10 miles, eat donuts, ride 10 miles, eat donuts, ride 10 miles. For each donut you eat at a station, you get a 3 minute credit. I ate three. Problem is...really, how many donuts would it take to offset the time you sit and try to choke one of those dry bastards down?

Nothing too special to report, other than it was last years course, but in reverse. There were a few killer hills. I almost lost my first donut at the first major climb after the station, so I had to cruise to compose myself and not hurl all over myself and my bike.

Matt Longest and I smoked down 2 more at the next stop and felt pretty good from there on out. A few long hills to climb, but they seemed better than I thought they would. My left hand/arm went numb during the last 3 miles (heart attack? stroke? I guess not since I seem to be making sense right now and I drove myself home.)

Good ride. I need to find time to get out more than once a week. Some of the ride was painful - I know I was riding faster this summer. I've been too busy with work around the house to get out, but have to make a point of it now. Iceman is coming up in just over 1 month's time - I gotta be ready.

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