...Pedal strokes. (Based on my average for the day.)

Today, it was all about miles. I had never ridden the Muskatawa trail that runs from Marne to Muskegon and I was looking for a long ride today, something different, so I decided to ride the White Pine, then Muskatawa.

The Muskatawa sucks. Well, it's not really that bad, but it IS in the middle of absolutely nowhere and at times, I didn't see a soul for 30+ minutes. Straight, flat, barren. Lots of farmland. With about 9 miles of that trail to go, I look up and see about the next 4 miles of trail layed out before me. Eff this, I'm turning around. I'm going crazy over here.

Ravenna is a trash hole. Couldn't find even one convenience store to refill water bottles. Figured I will just have to wait till Grand Rapids. In Conklin (of all place) I see this tiny sign near the trail that says "Snacks. Food. Store --->" OMG, thank you! It was a sign from heaven. I later realize without that little sign there, the rest of my trip home would be a terrible mess without water.

I was not afraid of being hit by a car today. Or crashing into a pothole. Or even running over roadkill. What I was most fearful of was dying a slow death by way of.....BOREDOM. I wish so bad that there were still group rides going on...rides that aren't run by 50+ year old men and women who ride at a 13mph pace and are insistent about talking about politics and medicare.

Maybe this is my cue to start up my own group ride next fall. (like I need something else to do)

I was struggling around the 75 mile mark to get back home. A few hills reminded me that I still had measurable miles to go. At times it was painful, like needles in my quads.

It's exactly what I needed though. It was a great day for a ride.

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