Again, defeated by Mother Nature

My quest to ride into work this morning was thwarted by a crack of lightning that almost made me fall out of bed at 3am. I think I peed a little. The impending rain did not stop until just before it was time to leave around 5am and I could still see lightning in the distance. Radar said rain still in the city. So I sat on the couch wondering what to do, staring out the window.

I went back to bed, defeated by Mother Nature again. Not today, but someday, I will emerge victorious.

Besides the lighning, the other thing that urged me back to bed was the thought of having to thoroughly clean my bike all over again after riding on wet/nasty roads. Road gunch would be everywhere and I woudl be soaked. And right now, I don’t have the time or patience for that this weekend. Maybe the ride home from work today instead at near 100 degree heat index will be worth it.

Oh, and I was an ultra dork yesterday and bought a $20 LED flashing tail light. I don’t know. Maybe $20 will save my life? I will admit it’s one of the coolest I’ve seen out there and seems really noticeable, but will only touch my bike during dark/dusk riding.

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