To/From Work

The ride into work today was super dark. Like it was the middle of the night. Nothing too fancy to report, other than it's seemingly been too long since I've ridden that early in the morning. It was brisk, but a perfect morning. I learned that raccoons can run about 10-12 mph and large moths can hurt when you collide with them. The coon was in the trail and starting running with me down the trail. I had to slow way down, fearing it would dart under my wheel, cause me to crash, then attack my teeth and face while I was down. I had to actually growl at the thing to get it off the trail. Then later one of the most giant moths I've ever seen came out of no where and hit me square in the chest. It seriously hurt. Like getting hit with a small pebble. I swear the thing looked like the size of a humming bird on it's way in to greet my chest.

The ride home was an organized ride I started for work people. Two guys I regularly ride Cannon Cruise with were there, plus two others. It was a very slow pace, but fun. Our original plan was to stop for hotdogs and icecream, but instead we stopped a deli and had beers. Way better.

What a perfectly beautiful night. I can't explain the feeling I get when I'm all alone riding in the darkness or dusk with no one around. Somehow, self-propelling yourself on a shade-laden paved path in the middle of nowhere has a way of dissolving all the stress and angst of the work week.

I think this is Kid Rock's new beer. I sampled one and liked it and thought
I could be a bigger "Badass" if I had another, so I did.

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  1. Nice. I've had that beer before. Tastes like Budweiser.