Three rides, 24 hours

Nothing too special to report. Rode home from work Friday, then back to work Saturday morning to get the car like usual, then road trip with Marty to do recon on Ft. Custer for his triathlon this month. Rode the green and red loops. On the Saturday morning ride, about 2 miles from being done, there was this mallard duck in the road. Standing right between the two yellow lines. Just standing there, messing up traffic. I told it to get out of the road as I rode past, but he just stood there. Weird. Custer was awesome - just as great as every other time I am there. Rode pretty well, legs were zapped about half way through, but overall, was able to make it across a few obstacles that I'm sure I couldn't get through last July when we were there last. Marty was an animal - he killed the course. He's going to break people up into pieces on his triathlon.


  1. Custer was awesome on Saturday. I felt awesome out there, especially after I figured out how to climb "Cardiac Climb".