Mission Complete

I successfully completed the mission of riding to and from work every day this week in observance of National Bike to Work Week. I will admit it was harder than I originally thought, but after Wednesday, I had no choice but to complete it in full.

I have a full story I will e-mail out to friends. It's way to lengthy to enter here online. Basically doubled the mileage I had done all year long just this week.

Here are some rough stats:
236.64 miles
16.4 avg speed (one day on the mtn bike killed the possibility of 17+)
14 hrs, 25 min in the saddle
10,562 calories burned

I feel good about the calorie count, although it hardly offsets the 40,000 calories Loc consumed in the same time period. Boys, check your e-mail for a ride summary - I will send out soon. If anyone out there wants a copy to read, contact me at tony.maravolo@yahoo.com.


  1. Nice job Tony on a breakthrough week for you. It's not actually about physically going out there and laying down the miles...that is the easy part. The hard part is what most people don't get and most people never will. It's about overcoming adversity. Setting aside your fears and discomforts and diving headfirst into uncharted waters. Getting up early, dealing with the weather, the darkness, the annoying animals and having to coordinate it all to fit into your work schedule; now that's the real accomplishment. The human body is without limits. As you master your mental adversity you slowly wash away your boundaries which eventually frees you to do anything! I really believe that for all of us.

  2. Thanks Matt for the inspiring comments. You're a great friend to have. It's one thing to follow through on something like this for yourself, but another thing to want to do it in order to also not disappoint your friends. Thanks!

  3. Nice work buddy. That was not an easy task to complete for sure. I would like to say I biked to work last week, but that would require a job.