Wow, what a day. Full-on sun, so glorious and warm. I live to love days like this. Could go out for another ride yet today...can't get enough. Cannon Cruise this morning with the Rapid Wheelmen. Rode to the meeting place so I could get an extra 13 miles in, because I knew I would have to peel away early to head back for Marissa's 10 am soccer game. Lots more riders today, fun time. One new guy (to me), Perry, starting things off by telling a co-worker of mine "Hey Lee, you don't know this but we had a colonoscopy together." HA HA...dear god. So that's all I heard for the next 30 minutes - about buttholes and the procedure. On the up-side, it did make me ride faster - hoping to get out of the hear-zone. Only thing about this ride was having to get back on the bike after sitting for an hour for Marissa's soccer game. Good thing it's only a 4 mile ride home from there, but the legs were angry and didn't want to go in circles any more.

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