Rush Ride

I was rushed this morning to find time to ride. Last night the route I planned was over 30 miles, I knew this morning due to the weather forecast I was not going to have time to ride and still make it to church in time. So I ad-libbed the route. Was decent out. No wind. Which made it seem like more than just 32 degrees. I could have swore it was more like 40. Today was also one of those days I did not even feel like riding, so it was a long haul. Best part about the ride was about 17 miles in I got onto a newly paved section of Northland Drive. Man...it was like riding on air. Not a vibration or noise to be felt or heard. I could ride for days on road like that. Glad I got out to get some miles in, maybe next time I'll push myself harder and will be in the right frame of mind. Still cannot get the calorie burn numbers to show right on the Garmin. Off to the forums, to troubleshoot I guess.

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