Training Run

First training run using Patti's Garmin watch. The (notsosmooth) way I run and the unfamiliarity with the watch made it so hard to figure out what it was trying to tell me, I gave up and just ran until I was tired, took a 1 min break, then turned around and ran back. By the splits looks like I was running pretty fast out of the gates, sure didn't feel like I was doing much of anything. Of course, I'm used to traveling along at 18-20 mph pace on a bike. Happy with the pace, my goal for the 10K is less than 1 hour. Just have to draw out the distance over the next month or so and I should clear my goal. I had some decent cramping going on when I got back. Both calves and my right shoulder somehow. I must run really tense or something. I can barely lift it right now. My right foot is killing me still. Oh well, just keep going I guess. Lather it up with some Aspercreme and it will be as good as new. HA HA...yah, right.

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