Okay, I was hoping to tell you right away about "Gene the Riding Machine", but more on him later because something else fantastical happened today. Decent ride first off, first group ride with club members. Pretty casual pace 16-19mph. I left the group at about mile 30, for I had to be home for my daughter's birthday party festivities. Best part was about 2.5 miles from home (mile 34) the left crank arm just decided to eject itself from the bike. WTF!? So I went back to get it. Investigate. Of course, no tools - doesn't matter though the spindle is completely stripped. Only option I saw was to ride one-legged (hence, the para-athlete reference) all the way home. Wow, it's really tough (and awkward) to try and keep a 12-14mph pace with literally one leg. Several runners said "hi" to me, then had a very confused look as they watched me ride past with one dead leg. I was laughing the entire way. HA HA "how does this happen!?" So anyways, Gene...probably in his early 60's, old time racer I find out. In 2006 he set out to ride "a bunch", not realizing where that would get him by the end of the year: 22,000 miles over the span of 348 days. Sirs, that is over 63 miles a day!! Man...someday I aspire to be "Gene".


  1. Fancy, love it. It's those cheap take off parts they used to put that machine together.

  2. Thats what you get for buying a Huffy.