Race Against the Rain

My first ride from work to home. It was a race against the impending rain storm. How could I NOT get on the road bike when the temp was 64!? Ride was decent, quite a bit of headwind, of course. I felt like I spent all my reserves by mile 12, seemed like I was going so slow at that point. Real tired. Kept pushing. I guess I was just too excited to get off to a giant start. Looked up the last time I rode this route...Aug 21 of last year. Time 1:20:13. Beat it by about :45 and to top it off, I was not happy with the traffic and selection of stop lights I had to deal with today. Stop signs suck. I also should have not rode the section of trail that was not plowed over the winter (last 3 miles). It was thawed out pretty much, some spots still slicked up with slush, but snowmobiles have thrown gravel (BIG gravel) all over the place - had to ride cautiously so I didn't wipe out, catch a stick in the spokes or get a flat. I sent rocks flying off into the nearby woods, I could hear them, tire puncture threatening. Happily it did not happen. I flew through all of the last 5 or so stop signs in town to make sure I beat my time. Willing to scare any motorist that was driving the crossroads. Luckily I never saw a soul at the crossings. With all the disappointing starting/stopping and cautious riding I had to do, it's awesome to think in March, friggin' March, I'm riding at August level from last year. Killed it.

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  1. Nice job Tony. Sounds like a good ride, plenty more coming.