Animal Style

My goal today (Sunday afternoon) was to go for a "leisurely" 10-12 mile ride while the sun was (almost) out and roads were dry. Decided to try the heart rate monitor this time also. Upon hitting the roads with the mountain bike, things were road-bike quick right to start. After only about 5 miles in, I began to start looking for dirt roads (which were frozen/soft with ice melt sludge on top). It was fun. Mud slurp-age everywhere. I'm not sure if it was the time of day, or what I ate for breakfast/lunch, but I was a machine that couldn't be stopped. I think on a few occasions, I actually sped up to climb hills instead of slow down. I was focused and in the zone. Before I knew it, I had whipped down a nice 17 miles and felt great! Only reason I stopped back home is because of my lack of imagination on where to go to next. Already hoping for a dry/rain-free Thursday evening so I can venture home from work. My first commuter ride - nice now that the time has changed and I can get home before darkness sets in. PS - I love how my route below looks like a tired wang. PSS - check the calorie burn count...a cool 83 calories. Garmin must have thought I was burning Dilithium Crystals as fuel.

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