Borgess 10K – the Brett Favre Race

Well, another Year40 Bucket list item checked off. Trained about an hour per 1k for this one (that’s 10 hours for you non-math wizards). Felt pretty good, was well hydrated and followed some of my long bike ride pre-rituals with electrolytes and stuff.

Most of you know I’m not a runner – even though I spent my entire childhood chasing after soccer balls. I loved running if it had an actual purpose, like scoring goals or getting dirty/grassy. And I can’t quite do that any more due to knee injuries, shoulder injuries and other random “I’m too old for that crap" injuries. So this was my brilliant idea to connect more with Patti (she loves the challenge of running) and giving it another go after my “one-and-done” 10k race in 2011. (Read Story)

So I effectively was coming out of retirement for this one race, then re-retiring again. And like Brett Favre or Michael Jordan – who knows, there may be more of these in the future. Maybe I should do one per year? If only there were retirement "gifts" involved.

Anyways, what a perfectly beautiful day for a race. High 40’s for temps and full sun. Lots of happy people, some of them too happy (three chatty pink-girls near us). We walked a little at each drink station, I choked on some energy drink once. Patti stopped to pee once too. We ran together the whole time – finished in the 1 hour, 2 min mark. As usual, right smack in the middle of the results page for me, Patti a little better for the women. The middle is right where I am for everything “race”. I was hoping for under 1 hour, but it was all good. The best part was getting a nice sweaty kiss at the end from a pretty-fine lookin’ woman – and mother to our crazy two children. Happy Mother’s Day!

Next on the Bucket List, is the 5th Commute to/from work (May) and another in June along with the National 24 Hour Race. Not sure I’m ready for that one, but I really don’t have a choice now, do I?

Breaking News: Man comes out of retirement for 10k race, then re-retires 1 hour later.

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