Commute #5: May

The weather finally broke this week! I originally planned to ride home Monday night, then back in Tuesday morning, but I ended up feeling so terrible at work that I bailed. Instead I rode home Tuesday night and back in Wednesday morning. It was just as glorious weather. Nothing too amazing to report except that this was Ride Your Bike to Work week, and I need to start packing on some miles in preparation for the N24HC in one month.

I also slipped in a 27 mile gravel ride with the Cannon Cruise Crew's Thursday night rides. Been a long time since I did a group ride. Felt pretty good, despite hammering most of the way. I'm usually the one guy that shows up with not enough riding under his belt, but did okay. On one giant downhill followed by a big uphill, I found myself the 10th rider out of 11...by the time the uphill was over I was the 2nd out of 11. Flying at 25mph on cross tires on gravel roads is exciting.

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