Commute #4: April

Rode home from work on Monday and then back in on Tuesday. Up until now I had been wanting to commute in and back on one day only. I'm not sure why I didnt have this figured out already, but it was surprisingly easier to pack clothes commuting one way per day. Anyways, the ride home was fantastic...almost 80 degrees. The trail was packed with people riding bikes and running. Everyone with smiles on their faces. I thought I had one of my fastest rides to date on Monday, but I looked it up and I had ridden 7 minutes faster on two occasions. The last time was two years ago though.

The ride back in the next morning was also pretty good. It was nearly 50 so I was able to wear my new knickers and long sleeve jersey I got for my birthday. All was good! Looking forward to the spring and summer months. Have a few rides I need to start being serious about, so my training rides are going to have to happen at nights or something. In fact, I have a 6 hour church meeting Saturday that I'm riding to, even though its only 8 miles from home. Gotta get miles in somehow I guess.

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