Muddy Buddies

What a fantastic day Saturday for a ride. Mid 50's in January. Ride on some dirt roads that were thawing out - fresh with mud. I felt great and probably could have ridden another 10 miles. Just one of those days that I felt great. Hope I have more of them.

This is what I found myself doing the night before our ride. Rebuilding (for the second time) my rear brake lever. Again the internals were all blowed out, no rear braking at all. I first replaced the pads figuring that would help, but there was no change. So a few interruptions, swear words, contemplating and rebuilding and 2 hours later I had rear braking again. However, now the pistons were stuck and needed to be lubed. I didn't know how to do that and I had no time. Upon spinning the rear wheel, it would only rotate about half way around. Tons of drag. So I figured Saturday was just going to be a joyous workout. When I got to Marty's he suggested that I just push the pistons in and not use the brake at all. So we cracked at the caliper with some tools and it worked! I bet he wishes he didn't offer that idea so he could have kept up with me at some points. HA!

Marty gettin'er done on the rigid Peace 9'er.

Marty had a nice trial of mud up his pants and back. I was able to defend that same mud by using my (dorky, but effective) rear fender.

Dirty mudder. What fun!

Back at the ranch on my homemade work stand. Time to get clean and relube.

1.5 hours later, badda-bam. Clean as a whistle and ready for snow. Put the studded tires back on and was able to lube up the pistons in the calipers so they work beautifully again. No drag whatsoever.

 Just waiting for snow.

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