Edmore, land of vastness

Scheduled a visit with Jeff Scofield and Scott Diagle just north of Edmore. (Relatively speaking), it was a great winter day for a ride. Air was crisp, clean and not windy.

Dirt roads were a bit sketchy in a few sections, but nobody fell down all day. Had a good time. It was my longest "real" winter ride ever...37 miles...3 hours worth of riding. I will say, I only got the shivers once and my toes got a little cold for a bit. Aside from that, it was a good time. My legs were feeling the pain at around mile 25 when Jeff kept saying "we're almost back".

When we did (eventually) get back, Nancy had hot venison chili waiting for us along with some fresh salsa and chips. We warmed up with a micro-brew each and watched Family Guy - Star Wars. (super funny stuff)

Will have to travel there again for more riding.

 I didn't expect these many hills near the middle of Michigan.

Average temp of 25. Chilly.

Cool windy road near the Pine River.

Jeff and Scott. This was most of the landscape we saw.

Found this kick ass rock. It must have been 10' across. We wondered what it was for. Answer: to make people stop and ask "what is it for?". It worked.

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