Hair of the Dog, 2013

Hello 2013. Yet again, another great way to begin the year.

Because of the dry and calm weather there was a much larger turn out from last year. Last year there were around 50 or so people, this year, probably closer to 100-150. I wanted to count so I could get an actual number, but we were always so spread out (and some people split off at the first and second bar stops).

There was lots of ice as we tend to ride through alleys and side streets that did not benefit from plowing or salting this past week. There was quite a few people falling down. I had brought my studded tires, but left them in the car wondering if I actually needed them, so I rolled out on standard tires. My choice was okay, a little sketchy at times, but overall just fine.

Spent most of the day with a few fellow Rapid Wheelmen: Susanne, John, Judy and Cal.

The first bar stop like last year was at The Point. They were prepared this year, two people tending bar with another guy in the back. We cleared a keg of Founder's Dirty Bastard in about 10 minutes. We were pleading people to return used pitchers to the front so more beer can be dispensed to the masses.

Again we stopped at the homeless shanty town to drop off canned good donations and such. Like last year I brought hand warmers as my donation - which most of the guys out there seemed to enjoy. All except one rather drunken individual....we'll call him Homeless Man H (as in Hepatitis). (A guy behind me observing the man with a seemingly half-chewed off nose, said "beware of the Hepatitis - hence the homeless man's coined name.)

From there we headed off towards the next bar stop...Quinn & Tites (like last year). However, they were NOT equipped to handle the rush of people. One old guy behind the bar and he was slow. I stood there for what seemed 10 minutes, never moving positions. That's when it was decided we would bail and go somewhere else and forego the balance of the ride.

We ended up at Woods Tavern, 7 of us. I had two delicious Fat Tire beverages, some chili and French Dip sammich.

What a fun day. Good company, great weather, fun ride. Everyone in great spirits.

Happy 2013 everyone!

Great turn out!

First bar stop, The Point. Jammed as usual.

Homeless shanty town boat. Looks drivable to me.

Donations left at one of 4 drop areas.

Ride Reward: Fat Tire brew in special fat tire glass.

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