The Pursuit of Passion is also the Pursuit of Youth

Read this quote today. It really resonates with me. I think I'll keep it for my own.

I didn't think I had a problem with getting old, but something has been missing from my life. That is passion. A at certain point, you lose direction in life for what drives you and keeps you really happy. Inside.

Maybe I am getting old. I've lost my passion for what I do for a living. For where I live. Money. For all the crap I've spent money on that is now worthless to me. For some reason in previous years, I thought I needed these "things". They surround me. Everywhere I look.

Kidney stones and a back injury have me locked away in prison in my own home for three weeks tomorrow. Maybe its only more painful because its been on the most beautiful February's for riding I can ever remember. Sunny days. Dry days. Crisp and cool, but without precipitation.

I waited too long before January for doing something about my fitness and health. What I fear most it that the opportunity to be in great shape (not just good shape) for the first racing event of the season is slipping away because of my failure manage my spare time and keep myself healthy.

The passion that I speak of, that keeps me young (cycling), has been banished from my weekly worship. Church for a middle-aged man, who is getting slower, larger, and more angry as time goes on. That may seem like 3 seconds in the total picture of one's life, but I've come to realize every second counts.

My only other passion, family, keeps me sane. But cycling. I want it back.

I will get my chance. And by then, I won't let go.

Like a great friend of mine once said...."Keep Hope Alive." - MR


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. Keep the fire burning...you'll be back really soon!

  2. Stay in it Tony! You'll be riding again soon!