Well, since my last post i had surgery last thursday night to place a stent inside me to prevent accidental lodging of a 4 x 7.5mm stone in my kidney. Its large enough that i shouldnt be able to pass this on my own. They dont want to break up the stone for another 3 weeks due to lots of swelling and irritation...go figure. The penis was created for efficient means of exiting fluids, not a path by which medical tools can enter the body. Took the rest of the week off and went back to work monday. As of thursday i was feeling well enough to think about getting back on the bike. Just then I felt the first stages of my back suddenly going out. Came home from work yesterday because of the pain. I can barely walk. So its off to the med center today...maybe they can tell me if this kidney related or not since there was quite a bit of blood on my urine last night. It has since cleared, but the crippling back pain is still there. To anyone reading out there...if i EVER complain of how "painful" a bike ride is, please bring me back to my senses by reminding me of this weeks worth of time. Ive never experienced so much excruciating, uncomfortable, piercing pain.


  1. You'll get through it soon enough and the experience will make you stronger, angry and ready to destroy.

  2. Hang in there man! At least this shit didn't happen in April or May. Get well soon so we can go destroy some dirt roads when things finally thaw out!

    -Matt Longest

  3. It'll get better dude. I sat in the saddle 83 minutes today thinking about your post, and kept me going even though I was having technology issues one after another.