Had to get something in...anything. Been trying for 2 days now just to get on the bike, but there has been too much to do around the house. My plan was for a longer ride tonight, but I got a late start, so I just pedaled harder instead. I wasn't planning on going to Sand Lake tonight, but there was an accident there last night where a carney died by way of accidental electrocution, then a 38 foot fall to the ground when the ride he was dismantling called the Fire Ball (ironic) touched a live 4800 volt wire. I had to do a drive by to see if there was still any investigation scene going on at the park. Nothing. Oh well. On a high note I reached 28.7 mph on the way back (and not even maxed out). Had to let up a little at one point during the final sprint for I could tell this 10-12 year old girl didn't know what to do, whether to cut me off or hold her ground. She decided to cut me off. So I yelled at her as I wizzed past. I guess in her defense when a cyclist is coming at you near 29mph you had better make a decision quick - kids aren't smart, nor quick. She chose incorrectly. Everyone lived to tell about it, so.....fine. Just don't do it again.

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