High Pressure

Really needed to sleep in this morning, its been a very rough week - both because of work and personal reasons. I forced myself out of bed though - alarm went off at 4:40am and I was on the road around 5:20. I pumped the mountain bike tires up to max capacity (65psi) for road worthiness, however that turned out to be a disaster on the trails once I got to Luton Park. Things were slick on the trail and every single root or rock I hit seemed to almost send me flying off the trail. I rode everything but the black loop today. Crashed twice. Once on a quick downhill into a long left hand turn, high speed. Hit one of those slick layers of mud film, where you could tell there was a puddle previously. The bike just slid out from under me and I went sliding into second base once I got ejected off my bike. The other crash sucked, MARAVOLO was coming forth (because of slip-sliding and hitting obstacles I could not see) and as I approached a mud pit I tried to steer around it, the tire got jammed sideways, I hit the brake (mistake) and I endo-ed right over the mud. Not sure how I missed it actually. I got up like WTF and as I was headed off I whacked my head on a low log and almost fell down again. Couldn't wait to get back on the roads. Although, it sucks big time to  try and keep any sort of momentum on a mountain bike on paved roads. Ugh. Glad I pushed myself to get out. Needed to release some angst anyways. I'm knocking on 1000 total miles. Half way there.

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