Yo, Nizzle, Drizzle in My Grizzle

Remus stopped in for a ride last night. We had been watching the weather all day. Of course, I assured him that it would be all dry and done raining by the time we started off...which was false. Once we got wet, it didn't matter much, but at one point riding directly into the heavy drizzle complete with headwind, it was borderline retarded to be out. Oh well. It has been literally 10+ years since I've been on a bike riding next to my friend. It was classic and we had a good time. Will try and meet up with each other once a month or so.


  1. It was an awesome ride Tony...nice route selection! The rain was totally retarded when we first started. People must have thought we were totally insane!!

  2. Your GPS gives awesome info. WOW!