100 Grand

This was the Rapid Wheelmen sponsored 100 Grand ride today. I woke up excited and got there early. Wanted to wait around for the guys I rode with Thursday, but they weren't supposed to arrive for another 30 minutes, so I just took off. Morning started off stupendous. Cool, slight breeze, lots of riders busting out. Told myself that if I didn't push hard and ride well, I would not even go in to pick up my team jersey - I didn't deserve it - so I had to perform well.

As I was getting prepared, I was looking around at the "cycling community". You know, for some healthier people, we are rather odd and goofy looking. No wonder we get picked on by the general public. Spandex as far as the eye can see. Most sights are not that appealing either. HA! Anyways, there was some guy getting ready parked right in front of me, he was lathering all up in SPF 800 - had it all caked on his face and arms. It was pasty white, like frosting. Way too much! OMG, it was Jeremy Buller, circa 1997 Daytona Beach. No way his skin was going to absorb all of that coating. As I checked him out more, he was LOADED up with bananas, snack bars, gels and only god knows what else. There was a 141 mile route, but maybe he was planning on doing 400+?? Not sure. Oh, and he had a blinky tail light. I'm pretty dorky, but he was taking things to a whole 'nuther level.

Anyways, the ride was stupendous. Lots of turns and ups and downs. Roads were smooth as butter, a great planned route. I found myself so intrigued with the landscape, houses, and other riders that the miles were just clicking off. I could spot people up ahead a mile or so, and plan on passing them within minutes. At least it seemed that way. I was doing a lot of passing though. I don't know if I've finally dialed in my nutrition and fluid needs or what, but I felt like I was crushing the course. Legs were strong and pistons ready to fire off horsepower all day. Rode in the drops a ton, it was windy. My shifts were dead on. Pounded the hills. Just everything today went 100% great. Had a few people draft off me at points - sometimes for miles a time, then I'd turn around and they were gone. I was riding flats between 20 and 22mph all day long like it was nothing.

As I was leaving lunch break, I saw my comrades from the Thursday Cannon Cruise, they were just rolling in. I talked with them for a bit and I was off. Legs were a little shaky after that longer rest, but the hills on Peach Ridge Rd took care of that quickly. This road was brutal. Lots of large climbs and decents. Just sat in the saddle and pounded away at them - into the wind of course. I was still passing people - even on the climbs. And I'm NOT a climber. Was it just this strange day, where I was in the zone, or am I actually getting accustomed to and getting better at climbing? I hope the latter. I used to absolutely fear hills, now they fear me.

Heat was getting pretty unbearable at this point. Still windy, but nudging up on 87+ degrees and a LOT of humidity. At one point I was wishing I could do more miles, but by the end, it was just right. That heat would have killed me.

Got back to the truck, unloaded all my gear, grabbed some orange slices, picked up my team jersey and was off headed back home. I still had plenty of energy to play in the sprinkler with Marissa and hang out with the family. If I could have left for the ride 30 min earlier today and taken 10 min less of a rest at the stops, I would have not missed Marissa's last soccer game. That was the only disappointment of the day.

700 miles total on the year so far. Well on my way to 2,000.

Elevation chart shows the sharp incline around mile 45 after the lunch break.
Hills were giant, but I conquered all. Only a few had me begging for air
and more power, but it was over so fast I can't remember the pain now.

My average moving speed was 17.8 for the entire ride.
That's stupendous for such a hilly course.
I love numbers.

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  1. Nice job Tony. It's great when everything comes together!