Cannon Cruise - Group Ride

(Last night) what an unbelievably excellent night for a group ride. Little to no wind, 70's temps and no humidity. Group ride with the club, 9 of us total. Knew some of the guys, not some of the others. One technical glitch I had was that my water bottles were wonderfully cold. What? You say. That's a problem? Oh yeah, only when they're left at work in the refrigerator and I'm 17 miles away all geared up and ready to go. All I had was a peanut butter and jelly sammich. I was feeling the effects of dehydration only 5 miles in. Headache, dry mouth. It did subside later, or maybe I just got used to it. Actually glad one guy got a flat about at the 20 mile mark, so we all got to take about a 15 min break. Needed that. Although, I was wrecked at about 10pm and through the night from dehydration. Didn't sleep well. Anyways, this was a good ride - back in the saddle after almost 1.5 weeks out of it. Good warm up for the ride tomorrow...64 miles. Love being back out there again.

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