So long, pal.

Yesterday, I sold the road bike, affectionately known to myself as "Enzo" (as in Ferrari). I purchased him in August of 2010 only a day after taking him for a spin out from the doors of Freewheeler. I didn't even know how to shift the gears. I remember the feeling of it being SO damn fast - I couldn't believe they made bikes like this legally. I paid my $1,850 and we walked out of the shop, me with a big smile all the way home. I sold him to an energetic and excited "kid" (twenty-something) for $875. Like me, this was his first road bike - and I had to show him how to shift the gears. He's so lucky!!

I figure an end cost of around $1,000 for six years of riding. (not including maintenance and parts) At a documented 4,369 total miles, that's 4.3 cents per mile. Not bad. We had a lot of fun and adventures together. I decided awhile back that he needed a new home; I don't have much time to ride the roads any more and when I did, I preferred to ride with groups. It's already not that safe to ride roads by yourself, but until the Kalamazoo incident, I thought I was safer in groups. Here I go again, being all "safe" and scared to take risks. Hey, I am FORTY people, and have two great kids and a wife that puts up with me like there's no tomorrow. I can't take that for granted any longer.

Reflecting back, I made countless commutes to/from work and completed 3 centuries with "Enzo". I never thought I would find such an affinity to riding triple-digit distances. Our final ride together was the 24 Hour Challenge in which he got me past my goal and to 260 miles. What a way to finish it out.

It was a good ride, pal. See you out there someday.

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