Commute #7: July

Okay, so Monday, Patti convinced me to join her for a "free trial" at her FitBody Bootcamp place. Granted, it's done wonders for her - she's worked really, really hard since last September to lose 30-40 lbs (?, I've lost count, I'm sure she knows) - but dammit all if this didn't nearly kill me. Haven't been on a bike of any sort for almost a month. Hadn't drank hardly any water all day. Had a heavy lunch. No yard work other than hauling 7 yards of wood chips three weeks ago. Too hot and humid. After the 30 minute workout, I was literally seeing stars. Sugar levels LOW. I probably had no business even driving home, it was so terrible. I guess it would be the equavalent of me going for a ride of 75 miles for her first ride ever, then saying "so, what did you think? There's more where that came from!" Ummm....no thanks.

Three $*@% days later, I'm still struggling to move my limbs and I just desire to feel like something other than Frankenstein walking around at work and home. Kids: DON'T TOUCH DADDY. He's in constant pain and agony and might require surgery and physical therapy!!

So heading into this ride, I didn't think this was going to be a good few days to commute due to my "angry muscle situation". I actually told Patti, I might weep as I ride. I had to do it though, running out of month (again). Lots going on then have to fit it in when Patti doesn't work or have school stuff to do. Hope to get in my August commute next week right away as the rest of the month leading to September is very busy.

The ride home Wednesday was weird. Lots of people wanted to talk to me. One as I was starting my ride, still in the city. This lady looked like a legit cyclist, all kitted up, but riding really slow like cruising. She was older, but very anorexic looking - kind of sickly. Then some old guy near the ballpark thought I was his buddy riding behind him - which he left in the dust. He was mumbling something about (old man voice) "I think I need to adjust these handlebars." He was riding some Schwinn hybrid bike, very upright. He was probably 70-something and overweight. He was mumbling as I passed him and I just shook my head to myself and kept riding.

The trail was loaded with bicycle riders north of Rockford which hardly ever happens. There was two packs of middle-aged ladies. One group didn't hear my commuter bell due to all the hen-cackling going on, so I just hung out behind them looking for a break to pounce and pass. It wasn't a big deal I couldn't pass - once I was passing them though, I told them I was secretly drafting off them.

Then one more guy near home. He was asking where I was going, and I said "just up here". "Oh, where you come from?" I was close to saying "my mom", but instead said "Grand Rapids". He then proceeds to tell me he came from Riverside Park (near downtown) and that its a "good ride this way, but its kind of boring. I walked this trail for 3,700 miles last year, so I got to learn all its features." Ummm...okay dude. That's 10 miles a day - I guess possible, but he certainly didn't look like any super-walker. And, I'm sorry, but you're not going to walk every single day so let's say 15 miles per day...at a walking rate that's a full-time job. How'd you afford the 10 pairs of shoes you wore through. But I digress....

Anyways, the ride in to work Thursday morning was nice and cool, but really humid. Nothing notable to report other than when I arrived to work and wasn't receiving a breeze from movement, I started to sweat and drip like no tomorrow. Humidity is so irritating. I go from 0-100 on the anger scale in seconds. Arrrghhh!!! Get me out of these clothes.

Rode the cross bike both directions. Will try and pack on 150 or so miles before Night Shift if I can. Need to get use to it and its weight so I can survive the next "untrained-for" ride. To some degree, I love the randomness of my goals and rids. I can't imagine what I can pull off if I actually had the time and dedication to workout or get some decent, regular miles in. Someday, I guess.

"Trail Closed" signs apparently don't mean Trail Closed. I couldn't see any reason it should have been closed previously, or had plans to do future work. Guess I should research the details before my next ride.

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