BayShore Half Marathon Spectating

May 24 - I was once again on the spectating side of the BayShore Marathon event(s) in Traverse City. Totally fine with me. I ran the 10K three years ago and as I like to advertise, it was my race running debut and my retirement. Running is dumb.

Anyways, as long as my wife wants to run and kill herself, I will watch. Especially from the seat of a bicycle and without any kids in tow.

We had a nice relaxing weekend away (2 days/nights) as the MIL watched the kids at our home.

Patti's race wasn't all that she was hoping. Knee trouble really put her down, she walked most of the race. As it was such a beautiful day, she still had a great positive attitude and was just happy to be participating.

As for my ride, it was a chilly start, but quickly warmed up as the sun crested the Bay. In all, I crossed the penninsula 4 times (brutal). Steep uphills and sweeping decents in and out of spectators and vehicles. (watch out for the cops and pretend to behave)

To the last spectator checkpoint before the finish, Center Road was closed to all traffic. It was a blissful 3+ miles of decent between 30-35mph with two full lanes to myself. No one in sight. So great! Considering the miles I packed on just the day before, this ride was nice. I chatted with a fellow rider also watching his wife. As long as you're not a true "roadie", bikers are really cool.

Sun coming up - near 6:50am. Mile 1 checkpoint - waiting patiently for runners.

Cherry Blossoms!

Funny Sign.

Patti running. In pain, but running nonetheless.

"Scenic Overlook" on closed Center Road. I had to stop to see why a sign was necessary. Wow!

This was our view from our STELLAR $89/night Condo. We got lucky with this one. Everything else cheap was booked. Many of the only vacancies were charging $150-$220/night. We're coming back to this one for sure! (Iceman?)

My view Sunday Morning.

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