Finally Riding and Finalizing Night Shift

The weather has finally broken for the better and our home schedule was free for the last few days. Got out for my first group ride of the season at Challenger on Wednesday evening. Then took the day off Friday to ride to Luton, pulled a full lap then back home. (could've (and should've) pulled one more lap at the trails. Longest and I went up to Hungerford Lake to ride the trail portion of Night Shift and did some recon there (and got lost a lot) and drove part of the re-route around the powerlines south of Luther. All fantastic days to ride, near perfect weather. Hope this all holds out for another month, Night Shift is upon us...4 weeks!

Ran across this guy about 2 miles in on Luton. Had to slam on the brakes. Box turtle I think. He stood motionless while I got the camera and barely tucked his head in as I walked around him.

Took my time on the ride. Didn't have to work, so I took it all in...slowly.

I love this time of year. You can see all the trails through the trees.

Another cool shot.

My favorite section of trail. Speeding through "Pine Row" I call it.

Matt and I being lost at Hungerford Lake. This whole segment of trail was littered with downed saplings and fresh wood. Almost as if a tornado or something touched down here, and moved on. Weird.

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