Feeling out the Tip

C'mon now, don't be dirty.

I have personally been shut out for the past two years for riding my road bike around the Leelenau Peninsula north of Traverse City on Memorial Day weekend. In 2011 I ran the Bayshore 10K (my one and only race - long story...not really. Running sucks!) and I was too dang sore to ride the next day and it was too cold anyways. In 2012 Matt Longest and I had grand plans to go riding when we got douched with torrential downpours that eventually relieve us of electrical power at the rental home. After we rode circles and figure eights in the garage, we ended up spending the afternoon at the mall with our crazy-ass children (and everyone else's). Wow, what a vacation.

This year we vowed to ride, rain or shine. Anything short of lightning and hurricane winds. Our defiance towards the weather gods proved well worth it - they submitted to us.

Sunday was one of the most GLORIOUS days to ride I can ever remember. Little chilly to start with, but hardly ANY wind all day. Not a cloud in the sky. Full-on sun. Felt great. Hammered out 69 miles. Beautiful! The scenery up there is unbelievable. The smell of cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, fresh cut grass and clean air is unbeatable.

A MUST RIDE if you're ever in the area. Flat with some rolling hills, then a b!tch of a climb on Herman Road. 6% grade for the longest stretch I think I have ever ridden. According to Matt, we placed 8th out of 22 on Strava.

That will be the extent of my Night Shift long-distance training I guess. Okay then...bring it on!

Matt at the Lighthouse on the point.

Some directional signs towards the shore.

Found this little fort-slash-control tower at a small airport.

Better view of the entire thing.

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