Luton Triple

Took the day off last Thursday to get some vigorous riding in with Brent. We met up at Luton Park around 1pm. Susanne from the RW club met us there. It was a slightly overcast day with spots of sun. Lots of wind, but that didn't bother us too much while in the woods.

I was amazed at the amount of leaves covering the trail. The trail itself was very hard to see with all the fresh coverage. We pulled one lap all together, making sure no one got lost. After lap one Susanne had to leave, Brent and I did two more laps. One more probably would have done us in pretty good, so we smartly called it good after 3 laps.

Went into Rockford to get a frosty beverage and some grub. It was a fun day.

Oh, on a sad note, Brent fell once and ripped a giant hole on his quad in his fancy new bibs. Anyone know of an asian with tiny fingers that can patch spandex?

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