Fort Custer

Fort Custer. I believe there to be no better place to ride recreationally in Michigan. Fast. Technical. Steep drops. Twisty turns. Climbs. Scenic. Not overcrowded. Roots, sand, rocks, packed dirt. Granny's Garden. The Trenches. Crazy Beaver. Amusement Park. It has everything.

Nothing significant to report. Originally this was supposed to be a 5-man biking event and it was pared down to 2. Myself and Matt Longest.

This will go down as only the second time in the last six outings to Fort Custer that I haven't crashed or bloodied myself. So it was quite a significant trip for me. Oh yeah, and they FINALLY paved the entrance about 1.5 miles into the park. I was about to send in my own donations for them to fix that d@mn road. It used to be so riddled with patchwork that 5mph was too bumpy. Now...smooth as butta.

Matt and I rode 20 miles and it surely didn't feel like it. The weather was spot-on perfect and we were riding good. Happy, smiles on our faces. Not too fast, not too slow. Glorious.

There is no missing out on The Barking Frog after a long ride at Custer.
We had the privledge of witnessing a table of Harley riders go from calm and quiet
to rowdy, speaking in drawn-out words. Drunken locals. Augusta, MI. Gotta love it.

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