Turkey Jerker

Decided today to ride from my house to Luton to ride the trails then head home before going out (for the first time ever) for Thanksgiving dinner. I figured maybe the extra exercise would mean I could load up on a few extra desserts. HA

It was a chilly morning, but also very humid with some sort of gray haze everywhere. I thought it was supposed to be sunny, but I don't think I ever saw it.

Definitely didn't set any land-speed records here as it was just super-nice to get out of a busy house, away from the stresses of work in order to properly feel the burn. As long as I was moving forward, I considered that good enough. Otherwise, there was no goal in mind for this ride. Kind of a nice change of pace.

Only crashed once. It happens every time my legs are tired from riding the roads on my heavy mountain bike, then attempt to maintain correct lines and balance once I reach the single track. It was slimy out there today with decomposing leaves and a fresh rain from the day before. I was coming in hot through a sweeping left turn, the bike slid out from underneath me and I slid with the only thing stopping me being my left collarbone slamming into a small sapling. As I'm laying there fresh from the wreck, my left calf cramped up and I was scrambling to unclip both feet in order to relieve the cramp. I bet it would have been funny to see. I would liken it to watching someone scramble up from the ground after having a bee in their shorts. After just a few minutes, I would reach a turning point to where I could bail out on the trail, I actually forgot to turn off because I wanted more trail. Too late to turn back now. It hurt for the next 3-4 miles pretty bad and was better by the time I got back onto the road.

Overall, a good ride. I can tell with my lack of sleep and regular exercise lately, I'm already losing some of my conditioning. Want to stay "in it", but also take some time to recover/heal over the winter from a long 2011 season.

With this ride, I surpassed my 2,000 mile goal for the season. Thinking back, I missed a few rides I was hoping to do, so adding those in I could have easily reached 2,300 miles this year, which is amazing. I would have never thought it possible.

One more month's worth of riding to go. Maybe I still can reach 2,200 miles??!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I love riding dirt roads. It's all I pretty much plan on riding this winter.

A serene Luton Trail.

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  1. Nice job reaching your goal Tony! You will hit 2500 plus next year with little effort! Isn't it great to still be comfortably riding so late in the season?