Demo Day - Luton x2

It rained all of last night into this morning. Today was the day I was taking a half day off of work to demo a brand new 2012 Cannondale 29 Carbon Flash 3. I didn't care. Mud or not, it was going to be the best half day off of work I've taken off just to ride.

Holy cow, what an experience. It was the best $50 I can remember spending. It rode so smooth, I rode the first 5.5 miles with the Lefty locked out - didn't even know. Once I figured that out, the riding got even better.

This will be my bike in Spring of 2012. Just gotta come up with $2,700. (Well, $2,650, since I will get credit for the $50 ride today.) Much more affordable. HA!


Lefty in all it's glory.

Mud machine.

It was a heavenly ride.

The Lefty looks weird, but honestly you don't even know it's there. Beautiful.


  1. Sweet Tony, I wish that was your bike right now! Soon enough.

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