Buddy's First Trail Ride

My little buddy and I (okay, most of you know him as "Nick") took our first dirt trail ride together on Sunday. It was near 90 degrees and we rode just over 2 miles. Not too many cars in the lot at Luton, so it was nice to not have to worry about people trying to pass us on the trail. In fact, we didn't see anyone out on the trail the entire time. We rode the Green loop to the Blue and finished out on the Green again.

He just learned how to ride a bike without training wheels almost exactly one month ago. Ever since then, he's been riding like crazy. (It helped apparently to get him a new bike, then add some technology to it - a digital speedometer, and then a kickstand.) That first week he took a 3 mile ride with Patti while she ran on the rail trail. This kid is going to be a very capable pedaler.

While preparing for and enjoying our actual ride, I couldn't help but reminisce of days long past (5 years ago) when Marissa and I went on her first trail ride. It was similar (lots of tiny-voice-talking about random things and nature) but unique in its own way. He was similarly nervous about being left behind, but also not afraid to get dirty and crashed a few times - and still thought it was fun. No tears. He just got back up and kept on pedaling. We walked a few hills up and down as needed. He never complained about any of it. Our little "Mr Technology" said it would be "cool if all the leaves of the plants were colored the same as the color of the trail on the map so you wouldn't get lost."

I still can't help but feel that this was a bigger moment for me, than it was for him. With Father's Day coming up, I hope he will remember our "man-time" spent together. Special little trips like this - there will be more, but the firsts are always the most memorable. I also couldn't help but hope mom was peeking in on us as we enjoyed nature and bikes together. She would have loved that.

Happy, happy day. Hot and sweaty, but happy.

Here is some GoPro footage of our ride too. Something I didn't have five years ago, unfortunately.

We got the little 16" Giant on the rack!

Gotta get the picture in front of the sign!

Time for a break! It was hot out.

Another break. Almost finished.

This sweaty kid had fun and said he'd like to come back someday.
I'm pretty sure we can do that.

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