Commute #11: November

I've been super lucky this year that this fall has lasted so long and been unseasonably warm. And it helps that Fall is my favorite of all the seasons. I won't have the chance to ride home tonight, but temperatures are expected to hit the mid-60's today then it's back to the Michigan November standard of mid-30's rain/snow by Saturday. So I guess then it's "so long, Fall".

The ride home yesterday was good. Temp was near 50 or so when I left and near 40 when I got home. I was cold when I got home though, mainly my toes. Hot, sauna-like shower helped. At least there was no wind so to speak. And it was DARK. I only saw a few other cyclists and a few runners/walkers. Some fog patches were rolling in by the time I got home and riding through those clouds makes it feel like they're 10 degrees colder. Real spooky to ride through.

I don't know why, but I hate this stupid drive-thru Christmas light show thing at Fifth Third Ballpark. Actually, every year I'm giddy to want to hate it. So weird. Got there today and realized it wasn't open to the public yet, so I had the whole thing to myself. Had to stop a few times to take pictures of course. There were some workers out there quality-checking the dumb light things, they didn't even see me. Can't believe they charge $17 per car to drive through this thing. And people keep coming back for more.

I really expected to see many more animals, mainly deer, on my commute. But there was nothing. I think I saw one rabbit in total. No birds, bugs, nothing. Void of life mostly, except for me. I didn't even see our usual church members taking their run and walk this morning, nor the guy with (no more) dogs. Sometimes my mind wanders and I started to think "what if I was suddenly the last man around?" I guess I'd have to go break in somewhere and get a beer! Or seven. Or a bakers-dozen even. And I certainly wouldn't need to be on my way into work. What am I doing? Just then, I'd see a car or some lights somewhere and that feeling would slip away.

I've had to wear some of my winter gear for my rides recently. I guess after this one, I'll have to get out the full-bore winter gear and get ready. I think the big chill is coming. Already wishing April gets here quick.

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